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Hans Bühr build this ANTONOV AN-225 RC Scale Model Airplane 6x EDF-electric ducted fan, together with the Buran Spaceship both Radio controlled and the Antonov decoupling the Buran midair it looks fantastic, enjoy it.



Model: Airbus A400M RC Electric Model

Pilot: Hannes Heppe

Wingspan: 3,78 meter

Length: 3,87 meter

Weight: 38Kg

RC Antonov AN-22


The Original Data Antonov AN-22: Since/Modelleinführung: 1967

max. Takeoffweight/Startmasse: 250'000 kg max.

Payload/Nutzlast: 80'000 kg

Top-Speed/Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 740 km/h

400PS Remote Controlled 4x Turbine CONCORDE!!!

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